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EUROPECloudS Summit


We would like to thank all who took part in EuropeClouds Summit 2020 – the GREATEST Cloud Computing Summit of the year!

We had thousands of people from different Cloud Communities around the world, who attended to more than 40 Sessions, led by experts of the global Tech industry!

For those of you who could not be there (or those who wish to experience it once again), we have decided to share the Summit sessions with our community members.


Cloud computing is growing from day to day. In this event, you’ll expand your knowledge, discover the leading solutions to succeed and get practical tools to sharpen your skills.


Agenda & Tracks

*Please note: the schedule below is GMT+2


Operations ++

DevOps, Automation & Infrastructures

10:00-10:45 - Keynote: Amazon's Culture of Innovation, Jeff Barr, AWS | Description >

11:00-11:45 - Polyglot apps lead to polyglot security holes. It's time to fight back! Sven Ruppert, JFrog | Description >

12:00-12:45The Golden Signals for SRE in Microservices, Chris Harding, Epsagon | Description >

13:00-13:45 - Mid-day Keynote

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for the Multi-cloud Era, Yaron Cohen, Nutanix | Description >

14:00-14:45 - Influencing DevOps without Authority - How "DevOps engineer" can advance real DevOps, Baruch Sadogursky & Leonid Igolnik | Description >

15:00-15:45 - The container is a lie! Larry Garfield, Platform.sh | Description >

16:00-16:45 The path to OpenSource DBaaS with Kubernetes, Peter Zaitsev, PERCONA | Description >

17:00-17:45 - Anywhere Linux runs, SUSE Manager manages, Jona Apelbaum, SUSE | Description >



Cloud-Native &

Application Modernization

10:00-10:45 - Keynote: Delivering Modern Apps across Multiple Clouds; VMware’s Multi-Cloud Strategy, Rory Choudhuri & Martijn Baecke, VMware | Description >

11:00-11:45Lessons Learned building a 150 million events serverless data pipeline, Luca Bianchi | Description >

12:00-12:45Managing Full Application's Lifecycle Using GitOps, Viktor Farcic | Description >

13:00-13:45Event-driven serverless architectures using Knative and Cloud Run, Mete Atmel | Description >

14:00-14:45Migrating SAP Workloads to the Cloud, Stephen Mogg, SUSE  | Description >

15:00-15:45Stop! Don't Make These Mistakes in Your Document Database,

Lauren Schaefer | Description >

16:00-16:45 - Reacting to an Event-Driven World, Grace Jansen, Kate Stanley | Description >

17:00-17:45 - Logging, instrumentation, dashboards, alerts and all that - for developers, Henry Been | Description >

18:00-18:15 - All you need is a Step Function, Michal Schreiber | Description >


AI-ML & Data

10:00-10:45 - Keynote: The challenges of taking AI to production, Yiftach Shoolman, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer, Redis Labs | Description >

11:00-11:45Running Apache Airflow in a high scale production environment,

Alex Kruchkov, AppsFlyer | Description >

12:00-12:45Infrastructure for ML Applications, Natalie Pistunovich, Aerospike | Description >

13:00-13:45Introduction to stream processing, Nicolas Fränkel, Hazelcast | Description >

14:00-14:45AI for the better, Dennie Declercq, DDSoft | Description >

15:00-15:45 - The AI Iceberg and how to overcome challenges in AI Orchestration, Alessandro Festa, SUSE | Description >

16:00-16:15 - Choosing the Right AI Solution, Amit Bendor | Description >

16:15-16:30 - Read, Visualize, Evaluate and Analyse, Dr. Priyanka Jain, Virendrakumar Bhavsar | Description >


Security & Cyber

10:00-10:45 - Keynote: Death by Cyber: COVID-19 and Much More, Menny Barzilay, Cytactic | Description >

11:00-11:45Lessons Learned From Implementing API Management In The Real World Eldert Grootenboer | Description >

12:00-12:45There's no such thing as DevSecOps, Dave Mangot, Mangoteque | Description >

13:00-13:45 - Mid-day Keynote: Two big questions you need to ask about cloud storage, ransomware and Office 365, Jeff Reichard, Veeam | Description >

14:00-14:45Securing Your Web Application Pipeline From Intruders, Milecia McGregor | Description >

15:00-15:45Cloud-Native Incident Management, Andrew Krug, Datadog |
Description >

16:00-16:45 - Security hardening of popular public cloud managed services, Runcy Oommen, SonicWall | Description >

17:00-17:45 Prisma Cloud: The Cloud Native Security Platform, Tomas Carbonell, Palo Alto Networks | Description >

18:00-18:15 - Practical Security Management: Best Practices, Tools, and Use Cases

Steven Puddephatt, GlobalDots | Description >

18:15-18:30 - IAM - with great power comes great responsibility, Shira Shamban, Solvo | Description >


Leadership & Strategy

10:00-10:45 - Keynote: Coevolution of Development and Operations at Intuit, Ed Lee, Applatix | Description >

11:00-11:45 - EGI Federated Cloud: an OpenStack based IaaS federation for research - Corporation, Enol Fernández, EGI Foundation | Description >

12:00-12:45 - Multicloud: New Battlefield for Developers & Engineer, Arno Schots & Juan Carlos Ruiz, Oracle | Description >

13:00-13:45 - Mid-day Keynote: Leading In Uncertain Times, Jason Williamson, Oracle | Description >

14:00-14:45 - What makes a strong Engineering Culture? Michael Kalika, Intuit | Description >

15:00-15:45Introduction to Cloud Financial Management, Dvir Mizrahi, Wix | Description >

16:00-16:15 - Create a learning culture, Amir Shaked, PerimeterX | Description >


16:15-16:30 - GÉANT Cloud Collaboration: Frameworks, Portfolio, Events, Maria Ristkok | Description >



Yaron Cohen

Cloud Architect,


Jeff Barr

Vice President & Chief Evangelist,

Amazon Web Services

Rory Choudhuri

Solutions Marketing Director, Cloud, EMEA, VMware

Martijn Baecke

Cloud Management Technologist, EMEA, VMware

Jeff Reichard

Senior Director, Enterprise Strategy, Veeam

Menny Barzilay



Ed Lee

CTO & Co-Founder,


Jason Williamson

Vice President,

Oracle for Startups & Oracle for Research

Yiftach Shoolman

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer,

 Redis Labs


Peter Zaitsev

CEO, Percona

Tomas Carbonell 

Public Cloud Sales Specialist,

Palo Alto Networks

Alex Kruchkov

Data Platform Engineer, AppsFlyer

Steven Puddephatt

Solutions Architect, Globaldots

Enol Fernández

Cloud Solutions Manager, EGI Foundation

Sven Ruppert

Developer Advocate (DevSecOps), JFrog

Michal Schreiber

R&D Manager,


Baruch Sadogursky

Head of DevOps Advocacy, Jfrog

Leonid Igolnik

Helping companies build reliable engineering processes

Maria Ristkok

Cloud Work Package Leader, GÉANT

Dave Mangot



Amit Bendor

CTO & Consultant in AI, Cloud, Software Architecture and Backend Development

Milecia McGregor

Developer Advocate,


Nicolas Fränkel

Developer Advocate, 


Andrew Krug

Technical Evangelist (Security), Datadog

Chris Harding 

Solution Engineer,


Viktor Farcic

Principal DevOps Architect, Codefresh

Mete Atamel

Developer Advocate,  Google

Natalie Pistunovich

Lead Developer Advocate, 


Jona Apelbaum

Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, SUSE

Dennie Declercq

Microsoft MVP, 

Developer & President,


Stephen Mogg

Senior Public Cloud Architect, SUSE

Grace Jansen

Developer Advocate, IBM

Alessandro Festa

Senior Product Manager for AI, SUSE

Kate Stanley

Software Engineer,

 IBM Event Streams

Lauren Schaefer

Developer Advocate, MongoDB

Shira Shamban

Co-Founder and CEO,


Luca Bianchi


Neosperience Spa 

Larry Garfield

Director of

Developer Experience,


Eldert Grootenboer

Cloud Solution Architect,

Microsoft Azure MVP

Henry Been

DevOps & Azure Architect,

Microsoft MVP

Dr. Priyanka Jain

Associate Director,


Amir Shaked

VP R&D at PerimeterX

Arno Schots

Director Cloud Architects, Oracle

Juan Carlos Ruiz Rico

Cloud Solutions Architect,


Runcy Oommen

Principal Software Engineer, SonicWall

Virendrakumar Bhavsar

Honorary Research Professor, University of New Brunswick, Canada


Michael Kalika

Chief Architect, Intuit Israel & Vice-President of IASA Israeli Chapter

Amit BenDor

CTO & Consultant in the fields of applied Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Software Architecture, and Backend Development

Ariel Munafo

Founder, EuropeClouds

Tamir Dresher

Chief Architect, Clarizen & President of IASA Israeli Chapter

Maish Saidel-Keesing

Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services 


Diamond & Platinum



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