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EUROPECloudS Summit



The Summit will provide the opportunity to present the most advanced technologies and solutions in the fields of Cloud Computing, alongside networking of the European industry best human capital – Cloud Architects, DevOps, FinOps, and Business Decision makers.


Cloud computing is growing from day to day. In this event, you’ll expand your knowledge, discover the leading solutions to succeed and get practical tools to sharpen your skills.


Agenda & Tracks

Operations ++

(DevOps, Automation & Infrastructures)

10:00-10:30 - Toxic Velocity: Speed Kills, Tim Banks | Description >

10:30-10:50 - Three Ways to Build Financial Accountability in the Cloud, Joost De Geus, VMware & CloudHealth | Description >

10:50-11:10 The cloud infrastructure beyond automation, Chafik Belhaoues | Description >

11:10-11:35 - Feel the Breeze: How cool companies X10 their workforce zero-touch, Dror Arie, Globaldots | Description >

11:35-11:55 - Should the Developers, not OPS own the pipeline: pros and cons, Svitlana Samko, Shane O'Hanlon,  | Description >

11:55-12:15 - Ridge Cloud: Deploy however you need, wherever you need, Jonathan Seelig, Ridge | Description >

12:15-12:35 5 Things I Learned While Modeling Data in MongoDB, Lauren Schaefer | Description >

12:35-12:55 - Allocating cost for shared tenancy workloads, Dvir Mizrahi | Description >

12:55-13:15 - AWS Free Tier: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Renato Losio | Description >

13:15-13:35 - Autonomous Multi-Cloud Serverless Deployment and Optimized Management, Pawel Skrzypek | Description >



Software Architecture & Application Modernization

10:00-10:45 - Keynote: Accelerating Application Modernization and Cloud Migration with Redis, Allen Terleto, Redis | Description >

10:45-11:05 - Integration Architecture at Allianz, Dr. Annegret Junker | Description >

11:05-11:25 Serverless computing with Google Cloud, Wesley Chun, Google Cloud | Description >

11:25-11:45 - How to Improve Software Architecture Skills Daily, Ella Sheer | Description >

11:45-12:05 - Apache Kafka and Flink: Stateful Streaming Data Pipelines made easy with SQL, Francesco Tisiot, Aiven | Description >

12:05-12:50 - Chicken or the egg? Apps or hybrid cloud, Joe Baguley, EMEA VMware | Description >

12:50-13:10 What is resilience engineering?, Piet van Dongen| Description >

13:10-13:30 - Compression, Deduplication & Encryption in Cloud, Tejas Chopra, Netflix | Description >

13:30-13:50 - Data Migration from one cloud provider to another, Liana Ziskind | Description >

13:50-14:10 Event Driven Serverless Microservices, Gareth McCumskey | Description >


Security & Cyber


Security & Cyber

10:00-10:45 - Keynote: How is Cyber Security applied to a Multi-Cloud environment? Giorgio Brembati, Check Point | Description >

10:45-11:05 - From the Trenches of Cloud Incidents, Brenton Morris | Description >

11:05-11:25 Keep your code safe during the development path using Opensource tools, Filipi Pires | Description >

11:25-11:45 - Prisma cloud - The Cloud Native Security Platform (CNSP), Sebastian Straube, Palo Alto | Description >

11:45-12:05 - What are Cloud Alliances and how you can leverage them to boost your startup, Nofar Asselman | Description >

12:05-12:25 - Ransomware is rising, do you have a plan? Pieter Vereecken, EMEA, Veeam | Description >

12:25-12:45 - Blockchain Security: Privacy Protection At Blockchain Technology, Nir Makmal | Description >

12:45-13:05 - EGo: Confidential computing meets Go, Moritz Eckert | Description >


13:05-13:25 - What the H... is this signing thing about?, Rachid Zarouali | Description >



Joe Baguley

Vice President & CTO, EMEA, VMware

Tejas Chopra

Senior Software Engineer, Netflix, Inc.

Giorgio Brembati

Cloud Security Architect, South Europe, Check Point

Allen Terleto

Field CTO, Redis

Tim Banks

Principal Cloud Economist, The Duckbill Group


Dror Arie

Senior Cloud Architect, GlobalDots

Lauren Schaefer

Staff Developer Advocate, MongoDB

Ella Sheer

Software Engineer, Stealth Mode

Nir Makmal

Chief Architect, Amdocs

Liana Ziskind

CEO, ApeakData

Brenton Morris

Sr Incident Responder, 

Profero Cyber Security

Annegret Junker

Lead Architect,

Allianz Germany

Renato Losio

Principal Cloud Architect, 


Filipi Pires

Principal Security Engineer and Security Researcher

Chafik Belhaoues



Svitlana Samko

Agile Technical Project Manager

& Developer Advocate, 

Verizon Connect

Piet van Dongen

Cloud Consultant,


Shane O Hanlon

Build and Release Engineer,

Verizon Connect

Francesco Tisiot

Developer Advocate, Aiven

Moritz Eckert

Chief Architect,

Edgeless Systems

Dvir Mizrahi

Head Financial Engineer (FinOps), Wix

Gareth McCumskey

Customer Success Engineer & Developer Advocate,

Serverless Inc.

Rachid Zarouali

Cloud Architect,


Nofar Asselman

Startup Partnerships Lead, Microsoft Cloud

Pawel Skrzypek


AI Investments Ltd

Sebastian Straube

Cloud Solutions Architect - ALPS Lead Prisma Cloud, Palo Alto

Wesley Chun

Sr. Developer Advocate, Google Cloud

Pieter Vereecken

Cloud Solutions Architect, EMEA, Veeam

Joost De Geus

Senior Manager Cloud Management Solutions Architecture, VMware

Jonathan Seelig

Co-Founder & CEO, Ridge 


Mor Eldan

Co-Founder & CEO, Marketech Group

Ariel Munafo

Co-Founder & Owner, Marketech Group. Founder, EuropeClouds

Stav Altfiru

Chief of Operations, Marketech Group 





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